Ok guys, so here’s the thing!

We’re seeing “Boot-Camp Fitness” popping up at most fitness establishments these days. I admit, they can be very effective, and is a great way to challenge your body and fitness stamina. But! “Boot-Camp Fitness” must be done in a safe environment with spotters available to ensure that execution and form are correct.

That being said: Some years ago “during my pre-fitness professional days”, I attended a “Boot-Camp”, and to my surprise, “It was exceptional!” Now, I am 100% sold on the “Boot-Camp” experience, and am extremely diligent in my efforts to provide the same stellar service in the DWF Boot Camp. “Boot-Camps” offers something for everyone at all levels of fitness, and provide motivation to remain faithiful to a meal plan by breeding results.

So back to the 1st civilian boot camp I attended:

Every day we turned in our meal books with hopes of receiving a pass or fail grade ( or ). Well me, the over-achiever, looked forward to my smiley face every day.  Week after week, I repeated this routine looking forward to my teacher’s pet “A” grade.

Until one day – “It all changed!”

After numerous weeks of being diligent; one day I felt comfortable with having a small splurge of just one Hersey’s chocolate kiss – ok, I confess! And two of those yummy, sticky Twizzler-thing-ees.  I thought for sure this small indulgence would not reduce my straight “A” (smiley face) status.  So the next morning, I proudly turned in my book and joined my fellow “Boot-Campers” for another amazing morning workout.

After class I retrieved my book (with this big smile on my face) and then I was MORTIFIED!!! Yes, I got a Big-Fat FROWN-FACE!!!   – Huh!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I thought, SURELY this is a mistake! She must have marked the wrong book! This is me Dawn Wells your prize pupil!!! I was appalled, mortified, devastated, scarred… and I demanded a RECOUNT!!

Ok, Ok – I calmed down, collected myself and politely inquired sweetly,” Surely this is a mistake, right?” You didn’t mean to give me a FROWN-FACE, right???!!! She politely responded, “YES!!” And of course my blood pressure rose and I started to see stars, as I blurted out, “For one Chocolate-Kiss and two Twizzlers??!!”

I just couldn’t believe it! So I politely smiled and said, “Ok”, as I cursed under my breath all the way to my car. After that, I never showed my book in class again, and that experience has never left me. Until this day, I still get a little “salty” when I think about it.

However, with my now knowledge, I completely understand why she gave me the frown-face. The actual definition of “Boot-Camp” is a military training camp for new recruits withstrict” discipline”. So it was her job to say “NO” to things that would sabotage my success. It’s kind of like a diet on steroids. LOLLLL.

So my hat goes off to my Dear Old Boot Camp Instructor for standing her grounds and making sure I was 100% accountable for my misbehavior.  She wasn’t telling me that I failed – she was simply saying own up to your mistakes and correct them.  If she’d forgiven that slip-up, I’m sure the next time the indulgence would have been greater – “A piece of Apple Pie with Ice Cream on Top”. Delete, Delete from your thought!

Even though I never showed my book again, I pushed myself harder and stuck to the plan. I even signed up for numerous additional “Boot-Camps”.

The Bottom-Line: “No Accountability + No Responsibility = No Results.

Now Do Ya Thing!!

Peace & Blessings,

Dawn “Sistah Fitness” Wells