I have often been asked what are the benefits of getting a personal trainer or do I need a personal trainer. I personally think everyone, including myself can benefit from personal training sessions. For the novice exercise enthusiast I suggest utilizing your personal trainer as your teacher. Learning proper form, exercise performance, modifications and creativity for your personal fitness level and growth. As a seasoned professional, I utilize my trainer for motivation and accountability. Challenge your trainer with workouts that suit YOUR liking. If it’s something you like, chances are you will continue. Whatever your fitness level or goal please consider the following prior to committing to a personal trainer:

Does her or she have:

  • Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, ISSA, ACE, or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  • Current insurance policy.
  • Trained and certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • Has never had personal injury lawsuits brought against them. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof, and if they don’t have it, don’t hire them.
  • At least three outside recommendations that they can supply.
  • Registered dietitian certification, if they supply nutrition plans.
  • Offer a free evaluation and trial session. 

Try a different approach to personal training
If your lifestyle, or your wallet, can’t accommodate regular in-person sessions with a trainer, no worries you can still Do Ya Thing! Meeting with a trainer a handful times can help you dial in things like form and proper programming, and give you fresh ideas for workouts. You can also get personal attention via the web. There are countless services and trainers that allow you to hire a personal trainer and workout via web cam. An even more affordable alternative, group training, offers many of the benefits of a personal trainer and typically cost $7–$20 per session. It’s best for those of us who needs a little extra competition and camaraderie built into a workout.