By DeMario Easley

Today – NO, this whole week has been nothing but one challenge after the next! I’m already thinking “OMG is it Friday yet?” Well, it turned out to be one of the most “off” days of the week so far.

Here’s a rundown…

I woke up late, missed my Dawn at Dawn (I know – TRAGIC right?), and yes I do them daily – FOR REAL! I missed my turn on the way to class – causing me to be late, I forgot two – yes TWO of my Aqua Zumba class routines, I caught a flat tire after class; which caused me to miss my personal afternoon workout, the cat ate my homework, and I broke a finger nail!

Now if that wasn’t enough, for the past few weeks I’ve been craving Sonic Fried Cheese Sticks ,right?

Yes I did! Swear! So, every evening after my long drive home, I resist this really strong temptation to cave in so I can feel like a winner on the Survivor series – “You know!” Well today, I just could not take it any longer! I told myself that I deserve at least a Mini 2-piece, especially after having such a traumatic week. So, my car (wink-wink), pulled into the drive-thru, and then I anxiously started sweating from excitement as I placed my very sensible Mini 2-piece order. As I drove forward anxiously awaiting that first bite, low and behold there was car parked at the drive thru window causing me to become irritated because he is holding up my progress.  But, I calmed down when the cashier (that looked almost Angelic) came out with my little bag. I was so relieved and appreciative I gave her a $1 tip.  “Don’t act like you guys tip more at Sonic!” Anyhow, I drive off feeling proud of myself as I tear into my bag of joy.  My mouth began to water as I took the first bite. Then, don’t you know my smile immediately turned to a frown? Not because I cheated, but because they were COLD! I mean the cheese wouldn’t even pull apart, and I was so sad that I almost cried.

Then, as I drove down this long dark empty and never ending rode towards home, I thought to myself, “What did you learn from this experience Dawn?” Is it not to give in to temptation?  Is it to choose healthier options to relieve stress? Or was God trying to give me a sign for my lack of discipline? What do you think friends? After another five minutes of serious-in depth-thought provoking conversation with myself, I said, “Absolutely NONE of these things”. “Next time Dawn, tell them to make the DAMN THINGS FRESH!”

I’m just saying – confession completed!

Understand this, my friends – healthy living is a lifestyle, a journey and a process, and it does not mean you have to deprive yourselves from that occasional and moderate splurge. But I have to honestly admit, that even though I didn’t get to enjoy my treat, just that small bite and taste of that Mini 2-piece removed my cravings…. Perhaps that’s the real message!

Peace and Blessings!

DeMario Easley